Body Piercing Jewelry – Short History

Body piercing is one of the most popular forms of body art and it’s done on a particular area of the body that is being pricked or punctured by using special techniques and tools. A jewelry item will be passed right through this piercing after wards in order to adorn the individual’s natural beauty. The younger generations are using the unusual piercings in order to reveal their beliefs and personal statements.This is one of the main reasons why the body piercing has gained so much popularity and special clans of body jewelry were designed in order to enhance the most unusual pierced parts. Body piercing finds its roots way back in the ancient cultures and rituals and back then, piercing was used in order to mark an individual’s birth. It was carried out right from his/her birth and no discrimination was made.Body piercing jewelry was used irrespective of one’s gender. The ear and nose piercing are among the oldest trends that characterize this form of art. Some of the ancient societies, Egypt included, considered piercing as a sort of holy ritual that had to be performed on a constant basis. This ritual was associated with a wide range of spiritual gains and certain beliefs concerning the individual’s future. Spirituality and piercing made a very good match that lead people into believing that they were having more powerful inner strength and resources than it was in fact. Even primitive tribes used body piercing in order to state their cultural differences and characteristics.In our times, however, piercing has evolved to other areas of the human body, besides nose and ear. For instance, naval piercing, nipple piercing, tongue piercing, labret piercing and eyebrow piercing are among the most popular forms of piercing and they are used in order to enhance and even beautify the individual’s natural looks. The personal image is customized more and more because body piercing can be used in order to make a genuine and individual statement when it comes to fashion and body art exhibition.Even the materials that are used for piercing have evolved from natural elements such as claws, animal bones, shell and wood to more sophisticated materials such as steel, bronze, gold, silver, titanium and platinum. These highly elaborated elements are used along with many different precious materials. Diamonds and even semi precious stones are used in order to add extra value to the body piercing.Professionals have become fully aware of the threats that may be involved by certain materials such as the ones having nickel. Such materials can cause severe infections and there are certain body parts that will not accept their presence. The body parts urge for solid gold of either 14 or 18 karats because this seems to be the most suitable material that can be used for piercing. The labret or naval piercing can urge for jewelry coming in the shape of tapers, tunnels, tusks, spirals and twists claws. Pyrex glass is another material that is used for piercing because it comes in opaque transparency and transparent colors.Regardless of your ultimate choice, you will have to pay attention to some general aspects in order to make sure the whole operation will be a perfectly safe one. The tools MUST be sterilized right before the execution. The allergic reactions, bacterial infections and nerve damage will be avoided by using the properly sterilized piercing tools. You should also opt for quality jewelry in order to avoid the possible risks that may appear soon after the procedure has taken place. And you must remember that the safest way for you is to only go to real professionals to have the piercing done in the safest way and without any risks. Body piercing is the right thing for you especially if you love adorning your natural beauty with all kinds of exquisite pieces of jewelry. Now sit back and relax while browsing through our wide range of products at Funky Town Mall. You will be impressed by our beautiful line of very unique, yet surprisingly affordable quality jewelry pieces, mostly in durable stainless steel. You will also find unique rings, pendants, and a huge selection of affordable body jewelry.